Roy Jones Jr vs Felix Trinidad Weigh-In

Roy Jones Jr, Andrew Golota, Mike Mollo & DeMarcus Corley Quotes

NEW YORK — Roy Jones Jr. worked the mitts and showed the blazing speed that made him the pound-for-pound best boxer on the planet for a decade during a media workout today at Kingsway Gym in New York featuring fighters from Saturday’s “Bring on the Titans” boxing event at Madison Square Garden and on HBO Pay-Per-View.

“Guess who’s back, Roy Jones Jr.,” Jones declared.  “Ain’t nobody got the speed to handle me.  Only Floyd Mayweather comes close to me and he’s still 10 miles an hour slower,” Jones quipped.

Jones, Andrew Golota, “Merciless” Mike Mollo and DeMarcus “Chop Chop” Corley all performed a light workout and answered questions.

Jones will face Felix “Tito” Trinidad in the main event; the International Boxing Federation North American champion Golota will take on once-beaten World Boxing Association Fedelatin champion Mollo; and the former World Boxing Organization junior welterweight champion Corley will take on undefeated 20-year-old phenom Devon Alexander “The Great” to kick off pay-per-view telecast.

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Papa Trinidad, Alton Merkerson Quotes

Trainer for Tito Trinidad – Papa Trinidad (training in Rio Piedra near San Juan, Puerto Rico):

“Tito is prepared to go all the way.  He will win by any means.  He can knock him out at any time, or he is prepared to win by decision.”

Trainer for Roy Jones - Alton Merkerson (training in California, Pa., just outside Pittsburgh):

“I saw some of the things out of Roy in this training camp that I saw when he beat Bernard Hopkins with one hand.”

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Trinidad vs Jones Quotes


“Every time you fight, you are at the height of your career.  Corbin Bleu [from High School Musical] is going to sing the national anthem. 

“Thank you for your opinion but let the people be the judge.  No one can kill this fight.  These young men want to fight for the pride and legacy and they have trained to make a statement. 

“This fight is for finding the cure for breast cancer and it’s for every women.  Roy walked for them [at a walkathon in his hometown of Pensacola in October], and Tito jumped on board and we are fighting breast cancer.  This event is about fighting breast cancer and all women of all color who will hope to be cured of this disease. 

“Roy Jones Jr. found redemption and in his whole career, he has not been late for one thing we did [promoting this event].  He worked tirelessly for this fight.  Tito Trinidad a hero from ground zero.  He was here for 9/11, just two weeks before he was to fight Bernard Hopkins.  He went to Ground Zero to feed the rescue workers, the disenfranchised and all the volunteers.  Tito didn’t go home he stayed with the people and part of why he lost the fight was his working for 9/11 and having to fight right after that.

“Another magical moment for the Garden like Ali vs Frazier is what this is.  This fight will be talked about and go down in history as another legendary night in this historic building.”

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Trinidad, Karmazin, Bunema & Alexander Quotes

NEW YORK — A media workout was held today at New York’s Church Street Gym featuring fighters from Saturday’s “Bring on the Titans” boxing event at Madison Square Garden and on HBO Pay-Per-View.  Felix “Tito”Trinidad, Roman “Made in Hell” Karmazin, Alex “The Technician” Bunema and Devon Alexander “The Great” all performed a light workout and answered questions.

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Edwin Rodriguez Turning Pro

Two-time national amateur champion Edwin Rodriguez of Worcester, Mass., makes his pro debut Jan. 26 in a four-round middleweight bout in Mansfield, Mass.

The opponent for the 22-year-old Rodriguez will be determined.

The 6-foot Rodriguez won the USA Boxing national championship for 2005 and the Golden Gloves national championship for 2006, both at 165 pounds, and had a record of 84-9.

“I have every confidence I’ll be a world champ,” says Rodriguez, who has lived in Worcester since arriving in the United States from his native Dominican Republic during 1998.  “I know every one who turns pro says that, but I believe I have the background and the tools to make it happen.”

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Felix Trinidad Quotes

TITO:  “I made my decision and I want to fight.  I am very well prepared.”

What do you think about Jones making the knockout prediction?

TITO:  “I think he is going to be embarrassed.  It is a promise that he will not be able to fulfill.  He is just one more fighter to say something like that.  It does not matter to me at all what he says.”

How do you feel when you are not boxing?

TITO:  “It was an easier life.  It is a very relaxed life with my family.  When I am boxing I have a lot more responsibility on my shoulders.  I have to sacrifice for training.” 

Does he feel like something is missing in his life to go back?

TITO:  “There are a couple of decisions I had to make.  First of all, I had to think about my family.  The fans have driven me to be back in boxing, they are always telling me to fight.  Everywhere I went people were screaming for me to come back, and then you have my promoter, Don King, who has been persuing me to convince me to come back and box, and finally myself.  After the reaction of everyone and my promoter, I feel the passion to come back.  I’m back.  At the end, I made the decision because I wanted to come back.”

Did it hurt your pride to lose such a lopsided decision against Winky Wright?

TITO:  “It didn’t hurt my pride.  My pride has never been hurt.  But I didn’t feel well about the loss.  I will prove on January 19 that I still have my pride.”

How did you not feel well?

TITO:  In the way that I lost the fight, I didn’t feel well.  I like to win every fight and I lost that one.  So I did not feel good about it.  It is impossible to feel good when you lose.”

How does he want his fans to remember him when he retires?

TITO:  “I want to be remembered as a great champion; that I always went into the ring and gave my best as a fighter that fought for all of my fans; as a person, that I did my best in everything that I do.”

What would you like for your birthday tomorrow?

TITO:  “For my birthday, I will love a huge victory next Saturday for me and for all of Puerto Rico.”

There has been a lot of talk about knockouts…

TITO:  “It all began at a press conference when he told me he was going to knock me out in four rounds.  I then told Roy Jones that he would not be able to do that because he will not last two. Since then everyone has been talking about knockouts but I am ready to fight 12-rounds. I can beat him under two, under 4 or the full 12, it really doesn’t matter.  And it is going to be a great fight and I don’t think anyone should miss it.”

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Roman Karmazin Quotes

Karmazin and trainer Freddie Roach tape his gloves at Wild Card Boxing Club. Photo: Paul R. Hernandez for DKP

NEW YORK - Former IBF 154-pound world champion Roman “Made in Hell” Karmazin, will defend his World Boxing Association Intercontinental super welterweight championship against Alex Bunema on Saturday, Jan. 19 at New York’s famed Madison Square Garden. 

Karmazin (36-2-1, 23 KOs), now living in Los Angeles, and Bunema (26-9-2, 14 KOs), from the Democratic Republic of Congo, will clash in a match featured on the HBO Pay-Per View telecast during the “Bring on the Titans” event headlined by Felix “Tito” Trinidad vs. Roy Jones Jr.  Two of the greatest boxers in history, Trinidad and Jones will face each other in a battle boxing fans have been waiting for years to see.

The Russian-born immigrant from St. Petersburg, who came to the United States to pursue his dreams of becoming a world champion boxer, will dedicate his fight to slain New York City Police officers and fellow Russian immigrants Eugene Marshalik and Russell Timoshenko, who were killed in the line of duty in March and July 2007, respectively. 

The Trinidad vs. Jones domestic pay-per-view telecast will begin at 9 p.m. ET/6 p.m. PT and is being produced and distributed by HBO Pay-Per-View.

The event will be distributed internationally by KingVision, available through DK International Sales, a division of Don King Productions, Inc. 

The event is being promoted by Don King Productions in association with Madison Square Garden.

Here is what Karmazin and his legendary trainer Freddie Roach had to say during a 60-minute media work out on Wednesday at Roach’s famous Wild Card Boxing Club in Hollywood, Calif.

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Roy Jones Jr Quotes

You are making a lot out of stopping Tito…

RJJ:  “He is smaller than me and it will be hard to not try to knock him out.”

Will it be a negative if you don’t knock him out?

RJJ:  “Trust me, he is not going to go 12 rounds with me.  I hear, ‘If he does this or if he does that…’.  “He may try to do all of that but he is not going to go the distance with me.  I really can’t see him going the distance with me.” 

Roy, I see you haven’t had a knockout in seven fights - what are you going to do different?

RJJ:  “You have to look at it like this. Superman had to gain a lot of weight to fight at heavyweight.  I had to take off a lot of weight to go back down.  That was all muscle.  It took me a while to get back to where I feel good again.  When I added all of that muscle and then had to lose it, I don’t think people were paying attention.  I won the heavyweight title then came back to win the light heavyweight title.  If you didn’t win the heavyweight title then go back down to win the light heavyweight title, then you didn’t do what Bob Fitzsimmons did.” 

Don King:  “Yes, Roy, there is no one that can say they came back down to win both.  I think it is phenomenal what is going on.  These two guys have pride and glory.”

After the loss to Johnson, what made you continue to fight?

RJJ:  “I feel so good, but I haven’t told you all that, number one.  I had to go through a phase where I had to do something for myself.  After I won the heavyweight title I came back down and of course there were going to be consequences for that.  Because I did something that someone doesn’t do every day.  It had been 106 years since a former middleweight champion won the heavyweight title.  To accomplish that feat, there is a price to pay when you do something historic.  People don’t understand that.  Look at Muhammad Ali.  He was at the top but look at the price he has to pay now.  He went so high to the top that no one knew the consequences he was going to have to pay.  We have to pay a price for the things we do and a lot of times people don’t realize that.  My Christian brothers and sisters know exactly what I am taking about…  because if you don’t sacrifice, then you are wasting your time.  I knew I was going to have to sacrifice and I paid the price.  I am not sure if that was the sacrifice, but I feel like it was.  Now I am back, my body is back to where I want it to be and I guarantee he is not going to make 12-rounds with me.”

We hear here in Puerto Rico that it is difficult for you to make weight.  Has it been?

RJJ:  “If it were, why would I tell you?  You are down there in Puerto Rico and you will tell Tito.  Are you serious?  If I was, you would be the last person to know” (Jones said with a laugh). 

Do you still think the fight will last no longer than 4 rounds?

RJJ:  “It will no last longer than 4 rounds.  No.”

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Malignaggi Outpoints Ngoudjo; Johnson KOs Hugo Pineda

Malignaggi (right) takes a shot at Ngoudjo en route to a 12-round unanimous decision victory. Photo: Tom Casino/Showtime

ATLANTIC CITY, NJ – Brooklyn’s own charismatic and flashy world champion Paulie Malignaggi won a closely fought junior welterweight bout over Cameroon’s Herman Ngoudjo at Bally’s Atlantic City by unanimous decision. The judges scored the bout 117-111, 116-113 and 115-113.

Saturday’s world title fight was promoted by DiBella Entertainment in association with Groupe Yvon Michele and aired live on Showtime Championship Boxing.

Ngoudjo, a 6-1 underdog coming in, proved to be much more than a foil for Malignaggi, the young champion making his first title defense.

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