A War of Words Continues: Floyd Mayweather Jr vs Dana White

It’s looks like this war of words is going to continue between WBC Welterweight Champion Floyd Mayweather Jr and UFC President Dana White…

Earlier this month they exchanged some verbal blows where Mayweather bashed on Chuck Liddell, stated he would give Liddell a million dollars if he beat a heavyweight boxer from his promotion, and said that the UFC “ain’t shit”. White came back with a challenge of having one of Mayweather Promotions’ heavyweights fight Liddell under MMA rules. White also said that he would give Mayweather a million bucks out of his own pockets if he would be able to sell more than 10 tickets without Oscar De La Hoya.


Mayweather was asked about the UFC once again during an open workout this past Tuesday and once again he didn’t shy away from giving his thoughts on the subject:

“UFC’s champions can’t handle boxing. That’s why they are in UFC.” Mayweather said. “Put one of our guys in UFC and he’d be the champion. Any good fighter, he’d straight knock them out. Take Chuck Liddell. Put him in the ring with a (boxer) who is just 10-0 and Chuck Liddell would get punished. They wouldn’t have a chance to grapple (us) because we’d knock them out.”

White was given the opportunity to fire back at a press conference on Wednesday and he certainly delivered:

“Boxers couldn’t become mixed martial artists. That’s why they’re boxers,” White. “They are one trick ponies. Our guys can do everything. They can box, they can kick box, they can wrestle and do jiu-jitsu. They are much better athletes than boxers.

I used to talk like Floyd Mayweather when I was involved in boxing,” White said. “I talked just like him, until I educated myself about this sport. These guys are amazing athletes, Floyd Mayweather is one of the best boxers ever, (and) Sean Sherk will whoop his ass in under two minutes.

Any day that Mayweather wants to put his money and his ass where his mouth is, I’m ready,” White continued. “If he wants to step up, let’s do it.”

Mayweather caught wind of White’s comments about Sherk and responded…

“I’ll beat him and come home and watch basketball. Why would I go into a sport paying hundreds of thousands when I’m in a sport paying $20 million?” Mayweather said.

Does Mayweather have a point? Comparing the money that boxers are making and what the top fighters in the UFC are bringing in, why should Mayweather settle for something that is much less at the moment?

White says however that he can offer Mayweather the type of money he would be interested in…

“I’m willing to put together a fight for Sean Sherk and Floyd Mayweather with numbers that would make sense for Floyd,” White said. “And I guarantee you he would not accept it. Floyd Mayweather would never fight in the UFC because he would get his head ripped off.”

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Posted by John Chandler on Apr 19, 2007 at 03:16 PM
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