Live Blogging: Garcia-Sanchez, Holyfield-Bates

Random thoughts from the fight tonight:

- I feel bad for the crew that has to treat this fight seriously.  Yes, I’m talking about the crew from The Best Damn Sports Show Period.

- The fight didn’t start yet and I’m just happy no one’s dead yet.

- The undercard has Julio Caesar Garcia.  Garcia’s name is mentioned over and over.  After a while you’re told he’s fighting Alfonso Sanchez.

Garcia vs Sanchez

Round 1: Technical, methodical.  Mostly Garcia.  Sanchez starts landing a few better shots with about a minute left in the round until the 20 second mark when Garcia gets in a couple of power shots that force Sanchez back.

Round 2: Before I can even start typing up this round, the fight is stopped as Garcia starts pounding on Sanchez.  The ref doesn’t count, just gets in there and waves his hand in the air signaling the end of the fight.  It’s a bit odd that Sanchez didn’t get a count considering it was the first time he went down, but at the same time, I don’t think it’ll be considered controversial and Sanchez’s corner isn’t putting up a fight about it.

Result: Garcia TKO win

- Garcia looks good.  Very good.  But he’ll have to step up the level of competition he’s been facing for everyone to believe he’s the next big thing.  Garcia’s next fight is scheduled for the end of September.  If his team sticks to that schedule, I’m doubting he’ll have a big name opponent.

- Garcia has a resemblance to Colin Farrell, especially with a hat on.

- I keep flipping to see what’s going on in the Yankees-Red Sox game.  It’s been a pitching disaster on both sides so far.  The word “disaster” simply can’t get out of my head tonight.  Did the main event start yet?

- John Salley calls the fight a lose-lose situation.  If Holyfield knocks Bates out in the first round everyone says Bates is a bum, if Holyfield goes the distance, than he’s done.  It’s good to know Salley is on reality’s side.

- Holyfield looks good for his age, but he doesn’t look like he did 10 years ago, despite saying he’s in the best shape in 10 years.  He’s somewhere in between the old Holyfield and Hulk Hogan.

- Holyfield was a great champion, but his slurring is cause for concern.  Somewhere out there are a few missing consonants.

- I want to ask “How many states will give him a license at this point?” but the real answer is, “as long as one does, that’s all that matters”.

- Deion Sanders predicts third round Holyfield and gets the Dallas crowd to show some life.  They’re all predicting Holyfield.  So am I, but what comes after this?  Does beating Bates prove he’s ready to fight top-level competition again?  You don’t need me to tell you the answer to that one.

- Does anyone remember the Brooklyn Brawler?  As Bates walks into the ring, he’s all I can think of.  Like the Washington Generals, Jeremy Bates is up for losing for the sake of being there.

Holyfield vs Bates

Round 1: After dancing around for the first half a minute or so, they start throwing punches.  Holyfield’s throwing jabs, Bates is sneaking in a punch when he can.  Bates’ reach disadvantage is noticable.  With 30 seconds left Holyfield starts pounding on Bates.  Bates survives and manages to stay on his feet until the bell sounds.

Round 2: Bates moves around and Holyfield throws combinations at will until a little over a minute left in the round when Bates lands a good right hand and then keeps pushing Holyfield against the ropes for about 30 seconds.  Like the first round, with about 30 seconds left, Holyfield starts laying it into Bates.  He punches and punches and punches until the fight is stopped.

Result: Holyfield TKO win

- The fight is done and no one’s dead, definitely a positive.

- Holyfield insists his downfall and layoff was due to injuries.

- Holyfield wants to fight a top 10 guy.  Does any top 10 guy want to fight Holyfield?  The lose-lose situation becomes reversed if Holyfield can score a fight like that, but someone might take it if the money is right.  It is boxing after all.

- Bates, even after being beaten like all predicted, is still star struck in the ring during the post-fight interview.  He is polite, and he does have class in there, can’t take that away from him.

- Chris Byrd is being kind to Holyfield and actual utters the phrase “Evander Holyfield is back”.  Byrd says don’t go top 10 yet.  Without taking a poll, I’ll say most of America agrees.  When asked if winning belts is realistic, Byrd politely says “you never know”.

Posted by David M Singer on Aug 19, 2006 at 12:54 AM
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