Mayweather Picks Apart Baldomir in Unanimous Fashion

Floyd Mayweather did what everyone thought he was going to do, even though it took a lot longer then it should have…

Mayweather outboxed Carlos Baldomir over twelve rounds, winning a unanimous decision victory and winning the WBC Welterweight title in the process.

The fight was never really close at all - Mayweather was able to stick, move, and dance around Baldomir just about all fight long. The fight was so one-sided that two judges gave Mayweather a shutout victory, scoring the bout 120-108. The other judge gave two rounds to Baldomir and scored the match 118-110…

How obvious was it that Mayweather was going to win? Much of the crowd starting heading for the exits before the fight was even over…

Mayweather injured his right hand during the fight, one of the reasons why he wasn’t able to put Baldomir away for good in the later rounds.

“I hurt my right in the middle of the fight, around the sixth round,” Mayweather said. “This is not the same pain I felt before, so I don’t really know what happened to it. I just went out there and put on a boxing clinic. I feel like down the stretch I would’ve got the knockout, but I hurt my hand. Look at what I did tonight, I had a shutout. I can win under any circumstances, and I am here to stay.”

It seemed that nothing was going right over Baldomir at all, he couldn’t even land a shot. Seriously… the CompuBox statistics show that Baldomir only landed twelve percent of his punches, a remarkable figure.

Even through losing, Baldomir stayed positive about his efforts:

“I didn’t fight my fight,” said Baldomir, of Argentina. “He was too fast. I couldn’t catch him, and when I did, I just wasn’t strong. I felt sluggish.

It’s been a great year,” said Baldomir, who earned $1.6 million. “I beat Judah, I beat Gatti, I went up against the pound-for-pound king. I accomplished a lot.”

Interesting fact: On a weekend that had yet another incident dealing with fighters’ weight, Mayweather and Baldomir actually with an 11 lb difference - Mayweather gained three pounds after the weigh-ins and weighed 150 lbs during the fight; It was reported that Baldomir shot up to 161 lbs and weighed around the same when he entered the ring…

Posted by John Chandler on Nov 05, 2006 at 01:09 PM
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