Mayweather Picks Mosley Over Cotto

During a recent Q&A session with Yahoo! Sports fans, Floyd Mayweather Jr was asked who he thought would win November’s clash between Miguel Cotto and Shane Mosley:

Question: Keep doing what you’re doing PBF and keep it flamboyant and flashy. My question for you is, after your fight with Hatton, should you win, would you consider the winner of Mosley/Cotto as your next viable opponent?

I think whoever wins out of those two, if done in impressive fashion, would make a great superfight with you.

Mayweather: When I beat Hatton, I would consider fighting Mosley, along with a few other options to include Oscar De La Hoya. I think Mosley knocks Cotto out cold in a very exciting fight. Everyone knows that Shane has had a couple of opportunities already to fight me but chose not to. My fight with Hatton will be a very exciting fight for the fans.

Posted by John Chandler on Aug 17, 2007 at 12:45 PM
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