You Can’t Hit What You Can’t See: Roy Jones Jr vs Tito Trinidad Preview

What’s all the excitement about? Maybe I’m missing something here. Is the cagey Don King really going to sell this fight to the public and get away with it? It sure does look like it. Hats off to “The Don”. He’s going to pull off another one.

Felix Trinidad is coming back for three reasons. Money for him, money for Don King and the fact that he is envious of the attention countryman Miguel Cotto is getting. Roy Jones Jr. was for what it’s worth, the heavyweight champion of the world at one time. Tito’s heyday was at 147. Yes he had a couple of nice showings at 160 but then Bernard Hopkins exposed him. Winky Wright boxed his ears off. How can anyone think that this will be a fight that Tito can win?

Although it will be at a catch weight, Jones is the physically bigger and stronger man. He is also much quicker. Some fans will say Roy’s chin will cave in when he feels Tito’s power. Hey John Ruiz is no Earnie Shavers but he is still a heavyweight and Roy took his shots. This fight will come down to the old adage, “speed kills”. Roy can still move his hands and his feet as he proved in his respectable showing against tough Tony Hanshaw. I look for Roy to just flat out dazzle Tito. Trinidad can be easily out boxed.  Oscar De La Hoya showed us that years ago. If you thought Wright-Trinidad was one sided, wait until you see this exhibition.

This fight is all wrong for Tito style wise. He is banking that somewhere along the line he will catch Roy and KO him. I just don’t see that happening. Trinidad is a game warrior and he might go the distance but I see a very one sided victory for Roy. Then Tito will quietly slip back into retirement. All I know is that I won’t be lining anyone’s pockets. I’ll read about Roy’s victory the next day in the newspaper.

Posted by Jim Amato on Sep 10, 2007 at 10:22 AM
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