Super Middleweight Unification

That’s the plan for Joe Calzaghe…

Calzaghe has stated that he believes he will fight one or two more times before he has a chance to unify the Super Middleweight title belts.

Well if he is victorious later tonight, I believe he may get the winner of that fight sooner than he thinks.

“I want to fight until I cannot fight any more,” said Calzaghe to the AP. “But it is a rare breed of fighter who actually gets out on top.

“I think that is a realistic goal for me. I would like to fight another four or five fights but not beyond the age of 36.”

You know Calzaghe says that he isn’t as active anymore because of problems with his hands, but five fights in a two-year period (Calzaghe is 34) is pretty active for a champion to me…

Posted by John Chandler on Oct 14, 2006 at 03:06 PM