Tapia Announces Final Bout Against Julio

Johnny Tapia announced at a news conference yesterday that he would be returning to his home state of New Mexico for one last final fight…

The former five-time champion in three different weight classes will be facing Ilido Julio on February 3rd in what will be his last fight as he is retiring after the fight.

“I guarantee you, this will be my last fight. It’s time for me to hang up the gloves, but I want to go out with a win and to be on top,” said Tapia, who won titles at junior bantamweight, bantamweight and featherweight. “I will give my hometown one last fight. I really want to outbox Ilido, but you know once he hits me, and I taste blood, it’s on. It’s time for me to pass the torch to the younger guys and give them the opportunity.”

Even though he is retiring, Tapia plans to stay involved in boxing as a trainer. He will be training his son, Johnny Tapia Jr. especially. His son is set to make his amateur debut some time next month…

Posted by John Chandler on Jan 18, 2007 at 04:37 PM