Tommy Morrison Talks MMA Debut, Boxing vs MMA, and Plans to Call Out Chuck Liddell

Yes, I’m talking about former heavyweight boxing champion, former co-star of Rocky V, and former contractor of HIV Tommy Morrison. What’s he doing opening his mouth?

We have to go back and remember Chuck Liddell’s original comment towards Morrison during his infamous interview with Good Morning Texas where Liddell was out of it after taking medicine. When asked who he would want to fight, Liddell responded with Morrison, obviously as a joke. Well it seems that Tommy boy isn’t taking it that way…

Similar to his boxing counterparts in the form of Kermit Cintron, Floyd Mayweather Jr, as well as HBO announcer Jim Lampley, Morrison has gone ahead and defended his sport against those who compete in MMA. He’s also expressed his interest in fighting Liddell and has even said that he plans to call him out at the UFC 71 press conference, which is scheduled for tomorrow by the way.

Let’s break down Morrison’s comments…

Morrison stated that he will be making his MMA debut on June 9th in Arizona against John Stover. The fight will use modified MMA rules where neither fighter is permitted to take the fight nor continue it on the ground. He also talked about his future plans which include a victory over Stover, another boxing match under the Top Rank banner, and then a “mega PPV fight against Liddell in Japan”...

“This guy’s like 350 pounds, so no, I’m not going to the ground. I saw a tape of him the other day, and he’s a big son of a bitch but he’s awkward and slow. But I’m just doing it to help Peter McKinn out, pick up a little money, and sharpen my skills. Then, 20 days later I’ll be back on a Top Rank card at the same place. This is a one time thing. I’m making money and sharpening my skills and it could possibly lead to a mega pay per view fight with Chuck Liddell in Japan down the line. I’ll go over there, make about ten million bucks, slap him out in three rounds…easiest ten million dollars you can make in your life.”

First off, I hope that Morrison is aware that he’s making himself look bad by having the rules modified in order to save himself. Morrison also better hope that the fight doesn’t turn out to be a complete war on the feet or else he won’t be fighting 20 days later like he expects.

Why would you want to fight Liddell over in Japan Tommy? There’s no reason to go over there when it’s obvious you would make the most money right here in the US. Are you afraid of testing positive since a fight against Liddell would most likely be held in Las Vegas or California, not Texas where testing is so lenient.

Here’s my favorite part of Morrison’s rant. According to Morrison’s logic, Butterbean is destroying everyone in the UFC:

“The thing people don’t understand is these UFC guys, if they’re going against another UFC guy, they’re probably pretty good, but a skilled boxer…Butterbean is putting guys in the f*cking hospital. And Butterbean in the boxing world is below mediocre, but in UFC he’s mowing through guys like a knife through hot butter. And (Ray) Mercer is making the transition, Mayweather’s talked about it, and I’m going to do it. Once fighters (boxers) start planting these f*ckers, that sport will go down the tubes in six months. You wait. It’s gonna happen, and we’re going to cash in on it before it happens and ride the waves and expose them.”

First off Tommy, it doesn’t pay to be ignorant. If you are going to try and intelligently discuss a topic, you should try and do a little research on it before running your mouth. Eric Esch has never fought in the UFC and most likely never will because of the 265 lb limit in the organization’s heavyweight division. Go check Butterbean’s record and fight card. He’s 10-3 but go ahead and look at who he’s fought. All of his losses have come against decent fighters. All of his wins with the exception of James Thompson and Cabbage Correira have come against former pro wrestlers, 400 pounders, and cans.

But the best part of this whole thing is Morrison’s plan to attend the UFC 71 pre-event press conference and call out Liddell. The press conference is actually scheduled to be held tomorrow so it should be interesting to hear about what happens.

“I’ll go back and forth between boxing and mixed martial arts if I have to, there’s possibly a lot of money to be made there. Maybe build something up with Chuck Liddell, I’m going to show up at his press conference in Vegas and I’m going to pop off to him and get some sh*t going.”

Two things are going to happen - Morrison isn’t even going to be allowed to attend the conference or he will be let in and then laughed at once he tries to start something with Liddell. Now I would continue with this rant but I’m afraid that Morrison is going to pay me a visit at my house for saying bad things about him. Hysterical…

As for this whole boxing vs MMA thing, here’s the deal. If you take a boxer and have him fight under MMA rules, he will most likely lose. If you take a mixed martial artist and put him in a ring with a pro boxer, he will most likely lose. It’s as simple as that…

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Posted by John Chandler on May 23, 2007 at 09:00 PM
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