Trinidad Wants De La Hoya

Well if this keeps up, Floyd Mayweather might have to wait a while before he can get at Oscar De La Hoya…

Felix Trinidad heard about De La Hoya’s meeting with Manhattan reporters and has responded to the claims that Trinidad met with Oscar to discuss a possible rematch and more.

Trinidad: De La Hoya is a coward

“I am withdrawn and I continue to be withdrawn”, said Trinidad. “But, to show respect to all my people, I am willing to do a one big fight. I never have avoided a fight with (De La Hoya). Six times he was offering to fight me, he was scared and he never signed.”

Now that De La Hoya is getting exactly what he wants, it’s time to get down to specifics. Trinidad has stated that he wants to fight at 160 lbs with no exception. While I’m sure that De La Hoya will have no problem with that seeing how he’s probably walking around at that weight right now anyway, it’s going to create a whole different fight than in 1999 when the two fought as welterweights.

Trinidad is also saying that De La Hoya is fibbing about meeting with him down in Puerto Rico.

“The story that I have met with him is not true”, Trinidad said. “I have not spoken with him and have not authorized anybody to speak to him on my behalf. In my life, since 1999, I have spoken with him three times. When I was in Miami, another time in Los Angeles, and the third time at the last fight that there was in the Choliseo. And never was it said to me that he wanted to fight with me. We have spoken of other things, of his boxers, but never has said me ‘Tito, I want to fight with you.’ “

Oh Oscar, you sly fox. Trinidad says that you are just using his name to try and make publicity for himself and he’s probably right.

Now Oscar has yet another decision to make: Trinidad or Mayweather?

Posted by John Chandler on Sep 13, 2006 at 05:21 PM