Tyson Checks Into Rehab

David Chesnoff, one of Mike Tyson’s lawyers, stated yesterday that their client has checked himself into a rehab program that will help him deal with various addictions while he awaits his upcoming trial…

“He needed to get involved in something that would help him with his addiction,” said David Chesnoff of Las Vegas. Chesnoff wouldn’t describe Tyson’s addictions, but police said the boxer told officers that he used cocaine frequently.

We semi-reported this last month but should have definitely made a post on it. No word on whether or not Lindsay Lohan is still at the same facility.

Tyson checked himself into a rehab facility directly after pleading not guilty. The pre-trial hearing has been set for February 26th. His lawyer stated that he may or may not be at the hearing, dependent on whether or not the rehab facility will allow him to attend.

This seems a little odd to me considering that I’ve read the facility Lohan was at allowed patients to check themselves in and out at any time. How about just coming out and saying that we aren’t going to see Mike until the trial?

Posted by John Chandler on Feb 08, 2007 at 01:23 PM
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